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Music Lessons and Instrument Rental in Goodyear AZ

In addition to providing music lessons with quality instructors in our studios, we are your one stop shop for quality instrument rentals and accessories. Playing in band or orchestra? We have everything from violins to saxophones at competitive low monthly payments, and everything you need to go with it.  Need guitar or violin strings? A music stand or tuners? How about reeds, cleaning kits or instruction books? You’ve come to the right place.
Looking for a good starter guitar for your student but don’t want to spend a lot? Come take a look. We carry affordable starter packages that won’t discourage your student like some of the no name brands. What’s the difference you ask? Quality varies from the materials used to the actual craftsmanship they are created with.  Inferior materials show up in the kind of wood it is made out of, what gauge of  wiring is used, or even the actual switches, pickups or tuners. They might look just like those on quality instruments but in actuality, they differ significantly.
Craftsmanship is really important as well.  It can affect the guitar fretboard significantly.   Intonation and action (how high the strings are off the fret board) can make the difference between a instrument feeling and sounding like a toy rather than an instrument.  While action and intonation can be adjusted a little by hiring a professional, that defeats the whole idea of paying less money to purchase the  instrument in the first place.  Sometimes the workmanship is so poor, that adjustments won’t correct the problem and the guitar will forever sound out of tune.  This can make learning a much greater challenge, and lead the student to give up and quit, thinking they “can’t” make it sound good.
Come in and talk to us before you buy, we can help you out.
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Private Lessons: Find a Teacher! We have several well qualified teachers in the Goodyear and surrounding West Valley area that will continue to teach here locally after we close our store.  To find a teacher go to our Teacher Pages.

Instrument Rentals: Need to rent or return an Instrument.  No worries, go to our  Instrument Rental page to find a local store for service, rentals and returns.

Music Accessories:  Drop by now for 30% - 50% off all accessories and music books in stock.  From guitar strings to reeds, valve oil to drum sticks, metronomes and tuners. Everything must go!  

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